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Health and Beauty - what an ideal couple and actually inseparable. Especially long-term.

When I met ORGANETHIC PURE CARE out of sheer coincidence, a wave of enthusiasm filled me and my growing curiosity was unstoppable.

The success story of ORGANETHIC PURE CARE began in 2011 in Venice, when founder and CEO Andrea Candian devoted all his commitment and dedication to develop these extraordinary products. And success rewarded his efforts. Thanks to his hard working team and good distribution partners, they can already be found in most European countries, the USA and in Asia.

I finally completed my collection with KRIPA VENEZIA, an exclusive and most innovative make-up line which is up to 100% natural and performing at the same time. KRIPA VENEZIA beautifully completes the philosophy of ORGANETHIC PURE CARE.

Products of ORGANETHIC PURE CARE and KRIPA VENEZIA  are not just a trend. They are the answer to a deeply felt necessity from the consumers, who not only wish to care about the environment, but also wish to have it all - no compromises in the performance while still being able to meet their ethical and health principles.

At the end it's about discovering what antique cultures have been using for spiritural ceremonies, medicine and beauty rituals. They used the powerful and beneficial effects of the essential oils and plant extracts - which are also present in our products, yet as a principal ingredient and in botanical quality.

Whoever experiences our products, needs no further convincing.

And the beauty part ? Simply stunning and indeed on a long-term!

But don't believe me, just try them !

Yours sincerely,



Pure Vision is the exclusive wholeseller of ORGANETHIC PURE CARE and KRIPA VENEZIA products in Switzerland.

www.organethic.it                                    www.kripa.it

Headed by Silvana Zabel, Pure Vision sells the ORGANETHIC PURE CARE products only to professional hair salons, while KRIPA VENEZIA products can be purchased directly online (in Switzerland).

contact us at: +41 78 636 63 89 or at info@pure-vision.ch