Brand philosophy

The fundamental principles of Kripa on which the whole project is based can be summarized in 10 essential points:

All the research and development phases have been carried out entirely in our laboratories.

Kripa make-up line is made in Italy.

The first thing a woman aims for is performance. It is an essential aspect and no one is willing to reach a compromise on this.
Therefore, we worked very hard to fulfill our intention of creating a natural make-up line able to satisfy all the expectations of our customers, even those who buy professional products or make-up products only in high-end perfumeries.

Apart from performance, women want to use products that are healthy for skin, taking care of their beauty and their well-being.
That is the reason why our products have been formulated selecting and choosing only the purest and highest raw materials of natural origin that can be found in our formulas, up to 100%.

Our formulas omit the most damaging substances that we usually find on the market such as: silicones, parabens, preservatives, phenoxietanol, mineral oils, paraffin, tea, alcohol, etoxhilates, chemical UV filters, nanomaterials, allergens, perfume, animal derived ingredients and so on.
All of these substances have been replaced with alternative eudermal ingredients that ensure microbiological purity and maximum skin compatibility.


From the beginning, we decided to adopt an extremely transparent policy towards our customers and partners. In the technical product sheets as well as in our website, our partners can find all the information they need to satisfy their curiosity and to answer all customer’s questions.They contain the general explanation of the product, the list of the substances omitted and the list of main active principles and ingredients which characterize the formula. Moreover there is a chart where we declare the percentage of natural origin ingredients, the percentage of eco-certified ingredients, the percentage of mineral pigments and the percentage of non-natural ingredients with the relevant explanation.

We also express the suitability of the products for vegetarians and vegans. It is possible to consult the heavy metal impurities limits. All production lots are tested for 7 heavy metals. You can find all the results expressed in ppm and listed clearly in the charts of the technical product sheets.

Kripa products have a double function, make-up and skin care in one. Two years of laboratory research, after which perfection was attained in terms of endurance, product performance and skin care action.
Our products have exceptional regenerating and repairing properties thanks to a high concentration of active ingredients added in functional quantity.
It’s a group of active principles that work as a global action in various layers of epidermis, contributing to maintain our skin always young, elastic and beautiful. A choice which is made rarely in the make-up world and that makes Kripa products innovative also under this profile.

All production lots are tested for 7 heavy metals that are the main cause for adverse reactions: Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, Chromium, Mercury, Nickel, Lead and all the results are listed clearly in the charts of the technical product sheets.

Kripa make-up line is specific for people with sensitive and allergic skin. Allergies and intolerances have been highly increasing in the last few years, so nowadays there is a strong need for products with high skin tolerance.
All our products are formulated and balanced to minimize the occurrence of adverse reactions and are ideal also for eyes and for the most sensitive skin.

Kripa’s packaging is very refined and combines minimal design with luxurious finishes.
The pack is seductive and captivating and is characterized by a personalized palette of refill pans, which allows you to easily create your own mix of shades as desired while paying special attention to environmental protection and to cutting costs thanks to its reusable case.

 All of these 10 fundamental principles make Kripa Venezia an innovative and much loved brand all over the world.

ORGANETHIC PURE CARE's concept has been developed according to different criteria aimed at solving all sorts of specific imbalances and problems. Each preparation is formulated according to the principles of nature and contains a mixture of essential oils with beneficial properties. Pure essences to cleanse, revitalise and moisturise the skin and the hair, using only health-giving botanical products with carefully chosen properties.

ORGANETHIC PURE CARE is the result of advanced research and innovative scientific technologies. Every single product in the range contains high synergistic concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers according to ancient and traditional harvesting techniques. The precious healing properties, aromas and colours characterising each product are preserved using only completely natural methods, without the addition of harmful chemical additives.

According to the seasons of the year and the growth cycle of the plants, the range products may show slight variations in colour and scent. Every single preparation contains natural active ingredients.