Our Commitment


Kripa is an innovative project, born from an extremely innovative idea of beauty. It started from a big passion for make-up and above all a deep love for well-being.

The creators and formulators of Kripa have developed a complete line of cosmetics that uses a revolutionary technological process, that combines carefully selected botanical ingredients with natural active ingredients in functional quantity. The result is a make-up line that adheres to the highest standards of quality while maintaining absolute respect for your skin. More than just an idea, it’s a beauty ethic.


Kripa main goal is creating a make up line which would enhance our beauty and at the same time also respect and care for our skin.

Through beauty, we want to create physical and psychological well being. Our second aim was to satisfy all market sectors, for instance:

• Customers who buy professional make-up products in high-end perfumeries, looking exclusively for high performance.

• Customers who buy natural products even though they are not completely satisfied in terms of performance.

• Customers who want both performance and naturalness.

• Customers with sensitive or allergic skin.


At ORGANETHIC PURE CARE we are well aware of the need to rely on products that are healthy for people and safe for the environment and this is the reason why we are an excellent partner in the pursuit of fundamental values as quality and excellence.

Our mission is to protect and nourish hair and scalp by meeting the expectations of all professionals that make use of natural ingredients and assuring excellent results while protecting the health of customers and collaborators as well.


✔ An International Network constantly updated on the specific beauty industry skills;

✔ An Ethic’s Code for hairdressers;

✔ Exclusivity guaranteed by the choice of avoiding the on-line and retail stores sales;

✔ Marketing communication always evolving;

✔ A continued research for natural/botanical ingredients for improving the performance on the healthy respect;

✔ Training for salons for their managerial, commercial, technical and stylistic growth.


The above makes the ORGANETHIC PURE CARE Professional hairdressers part and focus of a joint project leading to the total customer satisfaction.