KRIPA products are produced in compliance with the applicable requirements of the EU COSMETIC REGULATION 1223/2009. In accordance with this regulation, KRIPA remains faithful to its founding principles/philosophy by not testing any of its final products or individual ingredients on animals.

More than just make-up. A true revolution! Kripa is not only a mere object of beauty, but the culmination of a revolutionary project. After years of research, we have selected the purest and highest performing raw materials able to guarantee high performance make up with impeccable results. Performance and purity, beauty and well-being, united at last.

Loving beauty, loving yourself. How important is make up? We think it’s very important. Especially if it is seen as a gesture of love towards yourself, your beauty, your well-being and of all that surrounds you.
If these issues are important to you, then Kripa is the right choice. You will be astonished by its flawless performance that guarantees 24 hours of endless allure. Enriched with natural ingredients and active principles for the care and well-being of your skin. At last, beauty without compromise. At last, Kripa.

Make up like never before. The creators and formulators of Kripa have developed a complete line of cosmetics that uses a revolutionary technological process which combines carefully selected botanical ingredients with natural active ingredients in functional quantities. The result is make up which adheres to the highest standards of quality while maintaining absolute respect for your skin. More than just an idea, it’s a beauty ethic.

First of all, natural. Kripa products have been formulated by selecting up to 100% the purest and highest performing raw materials of plant origin. Furthermore, the formulas do not include preservatives which, instead, have been replaced with alternative eudermal ingredients that ensure microbiological purity and maximum skin compatibility.

Impeccable performance. Two years of laboratory research, after which perfection was attained in terms of endurance and product performance. As a result, the following products came into being: concealers and foundation with extreme colour release, soft and long-lasting. Powders, bronzers, blush and eye shadow, all lightweight and long-wearing. Eye and lip pencils with intense colour release, easy to apply and long-wearing. Soft, rich and creamy lipsticks together with gloss.


FACE: Total Revive Primer, Expert Touch Primer, Total Revive Foundation, Expert Touch Foundation, Radiant Skin BB Cream, Expert Touch Concealer, Sheer Finish Compact Powder, Delicate Shade Bronzer, True Brilliance Blush.
EYES: Fine Khol Eyeliner, Precious Accent Eyeshadow, Velvet Perfection Eyeshadow, Pure Intensity Mascara.
LIPS: Fine Contour Lipliner, Vibrant Colour Lipstick, Volume Intense Lip Gloss. 
HANDS: Absolute Care Vitamin Base, Absolute Charm Nail Lacquer.
ACCESSORIES - Kripa Brushes, Single and Trio Palettes.
SKIN CARE: K Beauty Glove.